Client: Self

Year: August 2017

I was having tea with a friend sometime in the summer of 2017, and we were talking about what makes a font objectively good or bad, and they asked me why I hadn’t made one. I explained that I’d looked into it in the past, but that the least expensive piece of software was around $800, and that you could make a font in the trial version, but it wouldn’t compile into a .ttf.

This conversation sparked an interest in me, so I started to look at alternatives. I eventually found an illustrator extension that allows you to compile a .ttf from custom drawn letters in Illustrator, for a very reasonable price.

This typeface was inspired by of all things, festival lineup posters. I try to go to a festival or two each summer when possible, and I’ve noticed that the older I get, the worse these lineup posters continue to look. With this in mind, I started to work on a typeface that I thought would be appropriate for the kind of music festival that I’d want to attend.

Nocturne (working title) is a Geometric sans-serif typeface in one case, that uses the lower case as traditional letters and the uppercase as alternative letters to use as embellishments. It’s still not finished; I need to finish the numbers and a few key pieces of punctuation. I’m considering adding another weight, but I’m not certain about that just yet. I’m hoping to release it by March 2019.

Check back in March for pricing!