Freelance Graphic Designer

Client: Natural Gas Intelligence

Date: February 2018-Present

I was originally contracted by Natural Gas Intelligence to attempt to recreate a logo that had been made using photoshop brushes for use in one of their many publications. They only had a low resolution .tiff, and they needed something large enough to be used on a banner. This is how I learned that when you export a .tiff from photoshop, somehow even the brushes you used are included. I think they were kind of expecting me to fail, because they seemed pretty surprised that I was able to complete this project.

This led to more work for NGI, including: a poster used at the World Gas Conference, advertising a Lionel Messi jersey that they were raffling off, updating their Media Kit into a more easily useable document, designing covers for use on NGI Special Reports about the goings on in the energy sector, and laying out their daily and weekly reports.