Client: John P. Morse

Date: October 2018 - Present

John Morse is an author in the fiction/thriller genre, who pretty much gave me free rein when creating his website.

He gave me a list of things that he wanted his website to be able to do, wanted it made in Wordpress, and pretty much told me to go make something awesome. I had very little experience in Wordpress at the time, but after this project feel like I’m pretty well versed.

The first thing I did, as with most one off projects that I take on, was to do a case study of what other authors in this genre were doing with their website, what made sense, what didn’t, and figured out how to take all of that information and craft something unique and functional.

This project taught me a lot about how I could turn an individual into a brand, and how best to market an individual as a product to a consumer. Unlike most other projects, this did not require a lot of graphic design in the traditional sense of Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign, but did allow me to fully more fully explore web design and creating responsive design on the web.

We're still ironing out the finishing touches, but we hope to launch by December 1st, 2018.