In-House Graphic Designer

Client: Meld Manufacturing

Date: December 2017-October 2018

Meld Manufacturing is a subsidiary of Aeroprobe Corporation, a company that I had been working with for 6 months at the time of Meld’s launch. Meld’s main product is a machine that uses a spindle spinning very quickly and applying a large amount of pressure to bond metals together using friction and heat.

I was tasked with creating branding to reflect this cutting edge technology, while also creating graphics to quickly and easily explain how this technology works for someone who may not be as acquainted with manufacturing, so they could quickly understand practical applications for this technology.

Most of my work with Meld involved: brand identity, iconography, creating graphics/tables/comparison charts for use in Meld’s demo room, video production, product photography, and creating assorted graphics for use on social media and the Meld website.