Alternative Poster for Her

Client: Self

Year: October 2014

Around this time I found myself in a truly awful creative rut, and I was struggling to pull myself out of it. To kind of force myself out of it, I decided to start making an alternative movie poster every week until Christmas. I also made alternative (and mostly minimalistic) posters for The Kings Speech, Upstream Color, the Indiana Jones trilogy, and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. This was one that I really liked, I always thought the original was a really stupid movie poster that tells you absolutely nothing about the film, despite being a really good picture of Joaquin Phoenix. As opposed to my version, which tells you that the film is about a cell phone, which leads the viewer to ask the question, ”Okay, what about this cell phone is interesting?”

This was also a fun study for me in times that it’s appropriate to use Illustrator effects, which I think was something that it was always stressed to me never look good or professional, the camera lens and aperture were made using solely tints and shades of the same color with Illustrator effect implemented throughout.