Campaign Logo/Signage

Client: Stephanie Cook Campaign for Delegat

Year: July 2017

This project kind of fell into my lap super unexpectedly one afternoon. I had a friend who owed another friend a favor, and was paying them back by designing a logo and signage for a state delegate. I’m not exactly sure how I got roped into it, but I had a free weekend and needed a project. The client wanted mountains to be incorporated into the design somehow, I think they were thinking something in a similar style to the Morgan Griffith signage that was so vague you couldn’t tell which party he was running for, but was still very pleasant to look at.

I figured the better way to go with this was not to have overwhelming, in your face, positive space mountains in the background, but instead try and play with the negative space a little to create something a little less obvious. I did a lot of doodling and played with more than a few typefaces, But I finally settled on Gotham in a few different weights, and mountains in the bowls of the two O’s. I was really proud of the finished product, as was the client.